What's new in v3.10

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What's new in v3.10 release

  • TMutex::UnlockISR() added.
  • Context Switch User Hook prototype added.
  • Added configuration macro INLINE_PROCESS_CTOR (inlining process's constructor control).
  • Configuration macros for System Timer User Hook and Context Switch User Hook added. The user now is able to specify "inlining" behavior of the hook.
  • Specifying prototypes before friend declaration.(some new compiler requirements)
  • Explicit specialization for template function-members (process::Exec). (some new compiler requirements)
  • Bug 2848274 fix.
  • Fixed bug with IdleProcess stacks size.
And many minor fixes and improvments in linker's, make's and other scripts.
Ports corrections
Blackfin/VDSP port:
  • ISR prototypes corrected due to version 5.0 of VDSP;
  • corrections for calling conventions added: reserving space for 3 registers in function stack.
MSP430 GCC port:
  • interrupt enable at start of OS_INTERRUPT functions fixed;
  • explicit code alignment in OS_Target_asm.S added;
  • added TISRW_SS_STACK_PAD define to reserve some stack space with TISRW_SS.
MSP430 IAR port:
  • added support for MSP430X core;
  • added samples for MSP430X core.
New ports and releases
Cortex-M3 IAR;
Cortex-M3 GCC;
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