What's new in v4.00

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What's new in v4.00 release

New fearures
  • Class TKernelAgent that intended for use as base for RTOS extensions. The class defines interface for granting access to some RTOS kernel internals.
  • Base class TService introduced for all services creating. Now any user is able to create its own custom service type.
  • All RTOS services are redesigned using the base of TService that contains common services code accessible by TService API.
  • RTOS extensions mechanism.
  • Process restart functionality.
  • Some debug features:
    • Finding process's stack slack.
    • Catching address of the service object that has put process to wait state.
    • Profiling of processes working time.
  • A lot of rearrangements in RTOS code.
  • New coding standard (Naming Conventions).
  • All shared objects declared as volatile for increasing reliability through cross-source compilation.
  • Base type aliases changed from byte/word/dword to uint8_t/uint16_t/uint32_t respectively. Some base type aliases modified to _fast versions. stdint.h header included in scmRTOS.h.
AVR/GCC and AVR/IAR ports: added support for large flash devices (ATmega256x).
STM8/IAR port added.
Fujitsu FR port no longer supported and removed from RTOS.
ARM7/IAR does not currently supported.
Cortex-M3/GCC/LPC17xx added to samples.
Release v4 is not fully compatible with v3 because of new naming conventions and some extensions. There is a little Migration Guide.
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