What new in v3.05

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  • GPL license changed to MIT license.
  • Resume/Suspend code of services significantly redesigned. This eliminates bug with skipping events when more then one process waits the event (Bug 1878045).
  • Added GCC Ports and Samples for AVR and MSP430.
  • Added support and Samples for STR71x (ARM7).
  • Function Sleep added to namaspace OS. This function is inline function and just call function TBaseProcess::Sleep. This allows a simple way to call Sleep from any place in user code, not only from root process's function.
  • Added ContextSwitchUserHook - the user defined function that is called from OS::TKernel::ContextSwitchHook. The function is inlined and does not bring overhead on calling.
  • Bugfixes:
    • TMutex: incorrect behaviour during locking (Bug 1878045).
    • Blackfin port: space in stacks for calling function incoming parameters added.
    • EWAVR port: macro A90_PROC_OPTION was not properly defined. Fixed. Support for another Analog Comparator vector name added.
    • EWAVR port: support for devices with more then 64 kbytes flash added in target assembler file.
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