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scmRTOS stands for Single-Chip Microcontroller Real-Time Operating System.

scmRTOS is a free tiny preemptive Real-Time Operating System intended for use with Single-Chip Microcontrollers.

scmRTOS is capable to run on small uCs with as little amount of RAM as 512 bytes. The RTOS is written on C++. All source code is available.

Here's a list of supported platforms for now:

  • MSP430 (Texas Instruments);
  • AVR (Atmel);
  • Blackfin (Analog Devices);
  • ARM7:
    • AT91SAM7;
    • LPC2xxx;
    • ADuC70xx;
  • Cortex-M3:
    • STM32F1XX;
    • STM32F2XX;
    • LPC17XX;
  • Cortex-M4:
    • STM32F4XX;
  • STM8 (STMicroelectronics).
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