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scmRTOS Team:

  • Harry E. Zhurov. Role: Project Admin, Developer. Scope: Common part, MSP430/IAR, Blackfin Ports, User's Manual, Tools, WWW Site.
  • Sergey A. Borshch. Role: Developer. Scope: ADuC70xx, AT91SAM7, LPC2xxx Ports, WWW Site.
  • Sergey V. Pinigin. Role: Project Manager. Scope: WWW Site, SVN Repository, File Releases.
  • Anton B. Gusev. Role: Developer. Scope: MSP430/GCC port, Cortex-M3/GCC port, wiki.
  • Oleksandr O. Redchuk. Role: Developer. Scope: AVR/GCC, AVR/IAR ports.
  • Andrey V. Chuikin. Role: Developer. Scope: Cortex-M3/IAR port.

If you have any questions, suggestions, etc., you can ask and discuss it on Project Forums - this is preferably, or address scmRTOS Project Team members.

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